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Write a 3 page essay on Seeking Acceptance to MBA Program.

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I come from an entrepreneurial family, in [city name goes here], India. My father owns and operates four manufacturing companies. I would like to use the skills I acquire through your MBA program to help my father compete globally and increase the success and scope of his businesses. My wife also has created and grown a number of businesses here in India, and I currently advise her on growth opportunities. An MBA education would allow me to further expand the types of expertise I give for her business endeavors.

My own ventures have been filled with great accomplishment. Professionally, my current assignment involves creating a unified business process to consolidate 17 operating systems into one system for ASB Bank, one of the Australian region’s largest financial institutions. This has been a gratifying undertaking, not only for the progress made under my tutelage but also for the exposure it has given me to the Kiwi culture in New Zealand.

Additionally, I have established the Indian subsidiary and served as chief technology officer and director of operations for Spokane, Wash.-based Magnetic North. I made and executed strategic decisions for the company, developed and managed vendors, evaluated business plans, proposals and potential partners, among numerous other tasks. Before that, I was a consultant for Setu Software. This was an opportunity that brought me to Boston, Mass., and the chance to manage a staff of up to 18 workers, many of them older and more experienced than myself. After more than two years there, my entrepreneurial zeal drove me to start my own business, Amps Consulting, for technical consulting and projects. A recessionary economy and reduced capital spending, though, forced me to close the business after eight and a half months.

Despite the setback with that particular business, I remain energetic, passionate, and motivated to set the world on fire with my next start-up. I have the ideas in particular that I wish to incubate into reality:

1. I want to develop a dynamic, open, wireless MICRO-NETS platform and the accompanying protocols, tools, and services. This ambition already is on solid footing. in 2004, I submitted a business plan for the venture to the Indian Institute of Technology, and advanced to that competition’s final phase in the technology category.

2. I want to further develop my eDecisions/eStrategy/eManagement methodology, which is a framework for electronically making complex and far-ranging strategic decisions for large business enterprises.

3. I want to establish an online of business of producing specialized, customized T-shirts. Manufacturing would be done in China, while technology, operations, and customer support would be done in India. I foresee a global market for this product line. Although the T-shirt business may be considered overdone as a concept, I believe that I have developed a unique idea, and one that has incredible potential for growth and profit.

As you can see, my experiences, my entrepreneurial spirit, my leadership potential, and the global perspective I possess position me perfectly as a successful participant in your MBA program.

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