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I will pay for the following essay Older people living with dementia in Cardiff. The essay is to be 4 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

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After AD, the second most common factor responsible for dementia in the elderly is vascular dementia which proceeds in a similar way to AD but saves personality and emotions for the last to be destroyed ( 2012). What is a Community and a Community Profiling? A community is a group of people living together and sharing some similar characteristics. Community profiling is a strategy which aims at identifying the needs and resources of a community and acknowledging what is valued by them. This concept is basically an attempt to describe myriad characteristics of a particular community (CANDL 2004). An increase in the profile of dementia in Cardiff suggests that this disease is not merely a concern of mental health services anymore. The number of older people diagnosed with dementia is expected to rise across Wales. Current profile of dementia in Cardiff suggests that there is a need to make more investments in care options for the elderly both living at home and in care settings (NHS Wales 2012). Government Strategies for Older People Living with Dementia in Cardiff It is fully acknowledged by state authorities in Cardiff, Wales how common is dementia among the elderly, so they are highly prioritized by the Welsh Assembly Government on multiple levels. Older people are already at a vulnerable stage in life and added to that vulnerability a rapid loss of brain functions certainly works to deteriorate their living conditions further. There are more people suffering from dementia now that life expectancy has considerably increased. That is why the Welsh government conscientiously took notice of this situation and laid foundation of national care plan in 2008 called National Dementia Plan. In addition to this program which works for the development and rehabilitation of older people diagnosed with dementia, there is also a National Dementia Vision plan which seeks to execute smartly engineered techniques to ensure professional advice and support to people with dementia. Media of emotional support and 24/7 bilingual helplines are also widely available in Cardiff. These helplines are handled by staff which is especially trained in the area of dementia (NHS Wales 2006). National Service Framework is another good strategy by the Welsh government which strongly relates to older people’s health issues. This strategy aims at improving on the practice that is already widely available throughout Wales in addition to facilitating the provision of incredible housing options and quality social care services to benefit older people in every way possible (Welsh Assembly Government n.d.). Services Available for Older People with Dementia in Cardiff a. Statutory Services Public Health Wales regularly carries out needs assessments of the local elderly living with dementia and came up with social care and wellbeing strategy in 2008. Given the extreme value of myriad social services provided by this strategy, it is safe to assume that reliable efforts are passionately being made to make Cardiff a healthier city.

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