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Creative PR is a public relation company that was established by John Williams and Caroline Brown. Eventually, Margaret Sinclair and Fred Foster also joined them to establish the organization in the market during its developmental phase. According to the case scenario, the new employees were also motivated to become all-rounders pertaining to diversified work areas in Creative PR, which indicates to an informal culture in the organisation (Morgan, 1997). To be noted, such a structure is often argued as effective in the initial or foundation period of a business, as it helps in its proper functioning even with a limited number of human resources (Williams, 2008). Having knowledge about various specialized works enabled the employees to handle different situations efficiently. Such diversity in the workplace also enables the employees to manage their operations efficiently with minimum or no dependency on departmental structures making every individual efficient enough to take care of the given responsibilities (Lunenburg, 2012. Morgan, 1997). The organisational structure being followed was basically flattened and flexible in Creative PR. Each staff working within the organization developed reasonable competencies pertaining to all these key areas. In relation to the flexible organisational structure it represents the ability of an organisation to reactively embrace the change pertaining to its prevailing environment (Kirikova, n.d.). However, a theoretical perspective to the scenario revealed that due to the flattened work structure, employees used to be out of the work place for longer hours. This open structure and culture provided motivation to the employees in terms of diversified job responsibilities, but also added to perplexities within the organisational structure regarding the continuous interchange of job roles (Lunenburg, 2012. Morgan, 1997). Although the defined work culture proved beneficial in facilitating organisational development during the initial performance, considering the later challenges and need for expansion, Williams and Brown were planning to change the prevailing organisational structure and culture in a more organised manner, applying a multi-layered matrix framework (Aguilar-Saven, 2004. Miles &amp. et. al., 1978). Subsequently, Williams and Brown decided to follow the ‘Adhocracy’ organisational culture (Lunenburg, 2012. Morgan, 1997). 1.2 Implication of These Structures In relation to the open or flattened structure, as was applied and favoured by Sinclair and Foster, the case study reflects that socially there was a close relation between the management and the staff members that contributed to the mitigation of these limitations by developing a cohesive work culture within the organisation. As per the case scenario, major clients of the company were also involved in company celebrations, which contributed to a good reputation of the firm adding efficiency to its way of operations. Clients used to participate in the parties and get impressed by the interpersonal association existing between the management and staff members gaining confidence on the employees who had continuous interaction with them.

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