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Write 3 page essay on the topic Service Project for Diabetes.

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(CDC’s Diabetes Program).

Diabetes normally strikes persons above forty when the body system begins to slow down and physical activities decrease. A careless, sedentary lifestyle further aggravates the risks and complications arising out of this ailment. Lack of control and medication adversely affects the eyes, kidneys, heart, the nervous system and blood vessels. Diabetes can also be hereditary.

The best way to prevent or control the disease is through a regimen of regular physical activities, diet and maintenance of normal blood sugar level and medical care. For type-2 diabetes, there are chances to delay or even prevent the development of the disease through modest lifestyle, regular routine of physical exercise and improved nutrition. (Nancy Jane Heilman, p.9).

Economically backward and illiterate groups such as aborigines and tribes are more vulnerable to the ravages of the disease, since there is little to serve as inducements to incorporate changes to control and treat diabetes for healthier standard of living.

The target Hispanic group in the South Valley District urgently need counseling and care in organized, time-bound manner so that they not only get access to medical care but also the opportunity to suitably modify their lifestyle necessary in controlling the disease. This is easier said than done among communities strongly rooted in age-old, traditional way of living

However, it is very important to educate the community to alter their life style. A consistent schedule intertwining diet, physical activities and check up, daily follow up and feedback is bound to produce results.

Initially, all activities must be geared to building relationship and winning the confidence of the community and learning their way of life.

The cost factor

The annual cost of treatment per patient works out to approximately US$3500 in tribal areas. Since the community is backward and poor, the cost must be borne by the health department through government and other donor grants. (The Provincial Diabetes Plan, p.8).

Create awareness

The purpose of the project is to reach diabetic patients within the Hispanic community and provide them with medical care and instructions on dietary intake and physical activities that help sustain a healthy lifestyle. It is critically important to educate them about the risk factors in the absence or avoidance of dietary controls and medical support. Further, inform them about the modifiable and non-modifiable aspects of diabetes, that is, certain factors like eating habits, stress, smoking and consumption of alcohol are modifiable, but hereditary, family history, gender and age are non-modifiable.

To begin with, shortlist the names and other data of individuals displaying symptoms of diabetes from medical records available with primary health care centers and other health care agencies. Educating the community about diabetes is just as important as educating the individual patient. Besides, there are others who may not be diabetic but benefit from timely intervention to prevent the disease.

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