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Hi, I need help with essay on Impact Evaluation and Accountability. Paper must be at least 1250 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

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Can a government arbitrarily treat social concerns as its private reserve Better still, will the prime minister, president or monarch willingly abdicate his or her duties to look after the vulnerable section of society Social issues and problems are too deep, intricate and vexatious for even the government to handle single handedly.

Traditionally, the social issues of poverty and unemployment were invariably touched upon by religious and/or civic conscious citizens under the patronage of the government and the wealthy. The system did not need regular improvising until the need became known and the means were available.

Today, social work is a specialized domain. The issues are more complex and it is not only poverty and unemployment, but also a host of other disturbances like child labor and stress management seeking attention. It has become necessary for social factors to be studied, statistically and scientifically observed, understood and concluded upon by qualified and experienced experts. (Performance Measurement and Evaluation)

Accountability is a combination of procedure and responsibility. There are eon procedures and methods, but it is left to the wisdom and discretion of the accountant to evolve a system best suited for the purpose of the organization. The accountant uses not only his academic skills and experience, but also his creative faculties to carry out the daily activities and evolve new methods when and where necessary with the resources available to him.

The accountant is also responsible to the management and the statutory authorities like the chartered accountants. He is under the supervisory gaze of these authorities and his actions and decisions are subject to their approvals, corrective suggestions and instructions, and sometimes even censure in fraudulent cases.

Other than the accountant, the social organization must be allocated the necessary funds and allowed to operate on its own to fulfill its goals and obligations. Social organizations have the necessary personnel and wherewithal to define social problems and the means to find solutions. (Healthcare &amp. Social Services)

Government and Accountability

The traditional way of working has given way to the current trends of working. In the current scenario, the system is simple although hi-tech. It is highly adept to policy, procedure and systems loyalties. But it needs the tender and efficacious touch of an expert operator.

As the highest authority of the land, the government has enough powers and means to oversee, control and legislate not only the social sector but the entire gamut of departmental ministries. The government itself has to operate within its budgetary and functional constraints. Its ministers and staff have their duties to perform and they cannot overstretch their limits. There are thousands of social trusts, social organizations, social volunteers and social problems. It is practically impossible for the government to keep tabs on all of them.

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