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Hi, I need help with essay on The similarities and differences between The Legacy by John Donne and The Passion by John Milton. Paper must be at least 1500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

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This paper illustrates that among the most conspicuous similarities in the poems are their structures, poems have specific structures that help facilitate their recitals. Poems are written in verses of indefinite number of lines. Each poet thus designs the stanzas to his or her specific number of lines. Additionally, the lines in a stanza must have a definite number equal to each other all through. The two poems by the two great poets exhibits this understanding, John Donne’s The Legacy has three stanzas with each stanza having eight lines while John Milton’s The Passion has eight stanzas with each stanza having eight lines. Style and structure are among the many conventional features of poems that have remained unchanged to this date. Poets must structure their poems to particular structures and employ among many other styles to ensure they qualify as such. Another great similarity in the two poems that also represents the contextual background of the two great poets is their use of the English language. The English language has evolved through time to be the perfect United Kingdom or American English spoken in the contemporary society. In the early society, the language was different and the difference in the language is evident in the structure of the two poems. The poets employ the use of the Elizabethan English used in the early English society by poets and authors of the time. The Passion by John Milton has such words as human wight, which he uses to refer to human beings, ethereal for heaven and other grammatically different words as priest for Jesus Christ, Pole for the North Pole star and still for quite. Additionally, the poet uses other words relevant only to his audience of the time and would, therefore, require translation for the modern day one of such is the phrase tannish white, a form of seventeenth-century funeral notices formed by engraving white letters on black paper. The same is evident with John Donne’s The Legacy, which uses such words as thee to mean you among many others. Language is often a contemporary feature in societies thus impacts the works of art artists will always change their use of language to fit their diverse contexts. The early English society on the other hand preferred the use of the Elizabethan English, which they made the official literary language since just like Latin, they preserved it and sought its increased longevity. Poets and among other literary authors such as playwrights would thus learn and perfect the language in order to translate their works for the general audience. As the English language spread to different continents, the use of Elizabethan English diminished thus compelling the global acceptance of either the United Kingdom or the American version of English, which are currently the only versions of English language used to develop poems among many other forms of contemporary literature.

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