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Create a 14 page essay paper that discusses AutoCAD user guide.

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Analysis also contains how the report from the research was used to modify the document. There are statements both written and concluding, these talk about the results of the tests, lessons learnt from the study, what was yet to be learnt. And to conclude, weaknesses, shortcomings and possible application of the document is discussed. Introduction Automatic computer aided designs is a technique of producing technical engineering drawings which is typically done by the use of computers. computers are the drawing tools. AutoCAD is one of the computer software: it is an application software (off – the – shelf package) specially designed for drawing purpose. The use of AutoCAD is aimed at ensuring that the product is of high quality. neat, presentable, appealing to the observer’s eye. The drawing process should be efficient and smooth thus drawer should have easy time using his apparatus. This yields to the need for some guide for the AutoCAD user. An AutoCAD user guide is document which is used to document all the directives that may be required by the prospected user of AutoCAD. It therefore serves the purpose of marking the user is in a position to comfortably use the software without employing doubts in their operations. User guide, manual like document, directs the user on the steps to take during usage (Smith &amp. Morse, 2001). Importance of a user guide is that it saves the user from employing doubts. trial and error in his operations. The user becomes very certain upon following of the given procedures and instructions and as a result he can speculate the time he needs to use or get used to the software. User guide uses graphics and symbols to pass across information and instructions. In giving directives, these graphics and symbols help create a vivid picture in the user’s mind. When properly interpreted they enhances the understanding of the user (Seidler, 2012). Therefore, user guide applies the engineering understanding of graphics in passing across information these help summarize an idea and create visual impression. Apart from just using graphics and symbols to give directives, it also aids the understanding of such graphics and symbols through some explanations which often follow the symbols and graphs. This user guide specializes on the components of the AutoCAD and their uses and applications. All the components mentioned are discussed and their uses explained. The limitation of this document is that not all the instructions could be demonstrated through literature, graphics or even with the use of symbols. History of AutoCAD AutoCAD is software which was derived from Interact. an early version which operated on the Marinchip Systems owned by the Autodesk founders Dan Drake and John Walker. It was first released in 1982 December after John Walker had purchased the previous form of the software. In 1986, AutoCAD became the world’s most ubiquitous program for design using the microcomputers. It utilised lines and curve fittings.

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