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Create a 12 page essay paper that discusses Contemporary auditing and risk management.

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In the event that our application is not complied with, we ought to cease to act as auditor to your company or to support the company in any revenue or tax matter. We must convey a copy of our resignation to an applicable office of the Revenue Commissioners within 14 days. We ought to report material pertinent offences to the administrator of the company in writing, in a period 6 months. Our costs or fees are calculated on the basis of the period spent on your matters by our staff and partners, and on the levels of expertize and obligation involved and expenses incurred and VAT. We shall not reveal, to potential competitors or third party, confidential information attained in during our professional duty without your permission unless a legal right to disclose. Under the law of our institution, we obliged to avail all documents available for scrutiny in the course of a general practice review. Where the engagement is dismissed the constitutional provisions governing dismissal or termination of auditors in accordance to the Companies Act, shall apply. When we as auditors cease to continue in office, we have an obligation to notify UK Auditing and Accounting Supervisory Consultant within one month after the date of cessation. Once this letter has been approved, it will remain operative, from one audit employment to another, till it is replaced. We shall be thankful if you could sanction in writing your pact to the terms of our engagement letter, by appending your signature and returning copy of this letter, or inform us if they are not in accordance with your comprehension of our terms of appointment. Yours faithfully, _______________________ Loughran and Shrives Chartered Accountants We approve to the terms of this letter. ______________________________________ Signed for and on behalf of Land Securities Group Plc. Ethical Issues for New Clients Leaflet Study Title: Ethical Issues for New Clients Leaflet Firm: Loughran and Shrives Chartered Accountants Client: Land Securities Group Plc Ethical auditing is a procedure which examines the internal and external reliability of a company’s values base. The key ideas are that it must be value-linked, and that it integrates a stakeholder method. Its purposes are two-fold: It is envisioned for transparency and accountability towards stakeholders and it is anticipated for internal regulation, to meet the moral objectives of the company. The importance of the moral audit is that it empowers the company to evaluate itself through a diversity of lenses: it incarcerations the company’s ethical profile. Compliance with moral requirements involves: independence of a company with ethical standards supporting all stakeholders. Integrity of all the undertakings. where confidentiality, transparency, and accountability upheld. Objectivity and Professional Competence are added values. Our firm has been tested for the above ethical issues and proven fit of all.

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