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Complete 11 page APA formatted essay: Pick a major issue/problem in international politics. Which of the theories on the module gives the best insights into that prob.

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The Syrian government set out its army to suppress the militants and clashes between the military and the protesters have persisted since then (Hinnebusch, 2012). The protesters also gained more support from other civilians and defecting soldiers. However, the leadership for the rebels was still very much splintered. The protests and clashes are an ongoing battle to this day and the crisis has already caused the death of thousands of military and civilian participants. it has also significantly disrupted the efficient government processes for the country (Hinnebusch, 2012). Latest tallies by the UN place death tolls to about 60,000 and these numbers will likely continue to grow if the crisis remains unresolved (Associated Press, 2013). This conflict has created a significant domestic and international dilemma. This paper shall now seek to explain and evaluate the conflict based on two international relations theory – realism and liberalism. Both theories shall be used in order to establish which theory best explains the conflict and the international as well as state actions which have been secured for the country. Body The realism theory in international relations is founded on four principles. …

The fact that the states and related government processes are seeking to maintain their statehood seems to explain the need for the state to impose its power over its people (Ashley, 1981). The fact that the Ba’ath party is doing whatever it can, using fair means and foul to remain in power is part of the ideals of the realism theory and its related manifestations. Another theory in international relations is that of liberalism. Liberalism is founded on the principles of enlightenment (Wallerstein, 1992). This theory assesses the problems of securing lasting peace and cooperation in international relations and the different methods which can ensure their achievement. Liberalism posits that state choices, not state capabilities are the main determinant in state behaviour (Wallerstein, 1992). Liberalism is the opposite of realism as it supports plurality in state actions. Actions may therefore be diverse for each state, often influenced by elements like culture, economy, and form of government. In relation to Syria crisis, the theory of liberalism explains the crisis in terms of the state choices and the actions which have been carried out by their officials. These choices are diverse and based on their unique qualities, including their culture as well as their economy (Wallerstein, 1992). In general, considering the theory of realism, the idea of a state being rational actors does not seem to apply to this Syrian crisis. The Syrian government has not manifested rational acts, especially in its failure to manage the crisis and civil unrest as well as its failure to engage in peaceful talks with the rebels.

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