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Write 3 page essay on the topic Should Women be Allowed in Combat.

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First thing to consider is that there is around 13% of the military population is comprised by women (Willens 1996). Before women reached this population inside the military, there have been limitations on their integration to the military from 32000 which is very minimal (Willens 1996). Although certain situations like the World War II and other conflicts that have occurred between countries provided certain conditions that allowed several numbers of women in the military (Willens 1996). Women have provided significant contributions in the logistical matters, medical operations and the like in the military operations (Jelinek 2011). This contribution of women in the military is clear. This can be considered a feminist move in this case and this is a manifestation for women trying to get equality and representation in the military field wherein gender politics is a very intriguing matter (Butler 1990, p. 1). This act of women to be involved in the military is a major move that challenges the patriarchal conventions that have existed in the society since the establishment of societies and having undergone development as seen in the world nowadays (Rosenbluth 2008, p. 2). …

dered in its fullest scope, then the case of inclusion of gays and lesbian is a selective equality and not a full consideration of ensuring equality in its fullest scope. Also, the fact that women are not included in the military highlights the persistence of military to live out the traditional norms that surround gender. (Rosenbluth 2008, p. 4).This is the very condition even if feminist movements have demanded that women should be integrated in the military. Paradoxically, the condition of democracy conforming to equality becomes an illusion in the way women are allowed only into certain condition inside the military. The problem here is that women, despite of the certain efforts of the government to recognize their efforts in the military like the Women’s Armed Integration Service Act, is not fully recognize according to the gender neutral premises in military selection and promotion (Willens 1996). Even if the dominance of the democratic political thought that recognizes equality in its fullest scope, lawmakers who are carefully assessing on the matter, employs a very different standard that limits the presence of women in the military. One thing is that women’s welfare be prioritized (Jelenik 2011). Their safety is being considered since even if women are allowed to be in military, they are not allowed to engage the conflict on the front line (Jelenik 2011). At the same time, there is already a consideration towards women of being war prisoners wherein the trauma that might go through will be excruciating on their part, making them dysfunctional (Willens 1996). Also, the presence of women in the military is already a good notion to consider since their integration has been achieved (Jelenik 2011).

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