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Create a 3 page essay paper that discusses Government Control.

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The various laws and acts issued by the government to control the content of television and Internet for safeguarding the interest of children viewing have also been analyzed.

The Internet today is one of the fastest and cheapest modes of transmitting information. It was initially build up as an international network. The main purpose was to establish a mode of networking among scientist and university professors worldwide. The US first amendment and information management. in the context of electronic data interchange is a popular ground for debating the government control on the Internet. (Davenport, p 59)

There are however, certain risks involved with the use of Internet. Hacking is one of the predominant cyber crimes that involve breaching the electronic defenses to access restricted information. Children are the most likely victims to the risks involved with the Internet. Exposure to websites with adult content is one of the chief concerns. The presence of certain sites that may influence activities like writing threat letters or mails is another cause for concern for parents. The measures employed by the government to control such things are one of the topics of discussion undertaken.

Television is yet another section of the information systems management that involves vulnerabilities. …

Government control on Internet usage:

The US constitution does not provide for any legal protection of personal information. The restrictions that can be applied are limited and do not extend beyond the protection of information from plausible government infringement. The First amendment constitutes for protection of press and speech, overriding on protection of privacy. (Congressional Research Service, 2001)

It has been reported that federal government is finding the fight against cyber crime to be more challenging than anticipated. Former executive director of National Cyber Security Division at DHS, Jerry Dixon had observed that more trained personnel at the local and state level is required to address the rising number of cyber crimes. Federal agencies are referred to regarding the computer security cases, since many of the cases are beyond state and even country boundaries. A bill in the US senate is one of the many steps undertaken by the government to guard the loopholes that is often exploited by criminals for their activities. (Search Security, 2003- 2008)

The Identity Theft Enforcement and Restitution Act, 2008 makes it easier for prosecuting hackers and others convicted of cyber felony. The law offers the flexibility to federal courts to prosecute the accused, if the latter and the victim live in the same state. The new law also broadens the definition of cyber extortion. (The Washington Post, 1996 – 2008)

The CRS reports on Internet security measures undertaken by the government involve the passing of the USA Patriot Act.

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