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Create a 8 page essay paper that discusses Paleolithic Diet.

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The hunter-gatherer diet in the modern society is complex and follows a strict dictate to ensure compliance with the actual balanced diet of the early humans. The proponents of the diet in the contemporary society contend that humans adapted to the modern society following the dietary precedents set by their ancestors. It is obvious that the early primates lived longer despite the adverse environmental factors of the time a feature largely attributable to their simplistic diet (Eaton and Melvin 11). Such follow the claims that the modern day humans have shorter life span a feature that most of the diet professionals attribute to the numerous diseases arising from the modern day agriculture, the genetically modified products and the processing of food products. The hunter-gatherer diet is thus more effective than the contemporary diet, it promises healthier and longer living thereby eliminating the risk to most of the modern day diseases as the study below ascertains. Background and significance It is evident that most people in the modern societies show preference to agricultural products. …

ase the shelf life of the food products comprising of both animals and plants products, modern day humans process their food products thereby adding preservatives that increase the duration of the products to improve their convenience in serving humans. This is unnatural and increases the chances of the food products harming the consumers. The modification and the subsequent processing of food products changes the genetic components of the products thereby interfering with their dietary effectiveness, additionally, such mal treatment of the food products with chemicals introduces foreign substances in the food products possibly eliminating the nutritious value of the products (McCleary and Leon 22). Such account for the rising cases of the dietary related diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure among many others, the evolutionary diet thus seek to link human to the natural foods that fed their ancestors. The research thus seek to investigate the claim that the hunter gatherer diet is more nutritious than the contemporary diet and that it is indeed capable of minimizing the prevalence of some of the modern day dietary related diseases. Problem statement It is evident that the modern society is riddled with dietary complications as most diseases relate with the unbalanced and irregular food consumptions. The rising cases of diabetes, obesity and high blood pressure among many other diseases are attributable to the consumption of modern day food substances. The early man lived a naturalistic lifestyle owing to the evident lack of manufacturing and processing information. They ate wild fruits and meat yet lived healthier longer lives. As evolutionists assert, the modern day human evolved owing to the accumulation of better traits from their ancestors.

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