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1. Functional Testing System functional tests overlap with acceptance tests such that the same tests can apply for both categories. They are both a demonstration of the systems functionality. They are performed to ensure that the behavior of the system is consistent with the requirement specifications set out earlier in software development. All the functional requirements that are set out for the system must be achieved by the system (Burnstein, 2003). A good example is where a financial system is required to allow customers to set up accounts, add, modify, and delete entries into the account, and make printouts. The functional test must ensure that the system can perform these tasks effectively. The functional tests are black box in nature such that the focus is on the inputs and proper outputs for each of the functions that are identified earlier in the requirements. It also takes into consideration improper and illegal inputs which must be tested on the system and their results observed to be consistent with the required functions (Myers, Sandler, &amp. Badgett, 2011). …

2. Performance Testing There are two types of requirements for systems: the functional requirement that describes the functions that the software should perform and the quality requirements that describe the quality level expected for the software such as memory use, response time delays etc. The aim of performance tests is to find out if the software meets the performance requirements (Burnstein, 2003). These tests also tell the testers if there are any other hardware factors that might impact on the system’s performance. It allows for testers to tune the system i.e. optimize the allocation of system resources and to predict future performance levels for the system and this is especially important in planning for subsequent releases (Craig &amp. Jaskiel, 2002). It is important that performance objectives be clearly articulated by the user in the requirements document and also in the system test plan. These objectives must be quantifiable. At the end of the testing the tester will know for example, the CPU cycles used, the actual response time in seconds etc. These are then evaluated with reference to the requirement objectives (Myers, Sandler, &amp. Badgett, 2011). Resources for performance testing must be allocated in the system test plan. The resources include the following: a source of transactions to drive the experiments, that is, a load generator. an experimental testbed that includes hardware and software the system-under-test interacts with and these include special laboratory equipment and space that must be reserved for the tests. instrumentation or probes that help to collect the performance data. The probes may be hardware or software in nature. and a set of tools to collect store, process, collect and interpret data (Gomaa, 2011). 3.

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