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Write 7 page essay on the topic Antigone And Feminism: How Has Antigone Empowered Women.

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This play commences with Antigone and Ismene, Oedipus’s daughters discussing the disaster that has struck the family. Their siblings Polynices and Eteocles had murdered one another over a dispute of Thebes take-over. This resulted into Creon, their uncle, ruling the city and denied Polynices a decent burial as he brought a foreign army against Thebes. Creon added insult to Antigone by threatening to execute anybody attempting to bury Polynices and even stationed guards to watch over his body, but despite all Creon’s orders, Antigone without Ismene’s help decided to give their brother a decent burial. Immediately, the guard on duty delivered the message to the palace that while they were asleep someone buried Polynices something that Creon did not believe and thought that the guards were bribed and vowed to execute them if they did not forward another suspect. The guard soon clears himself of the charges as he found Antigone trying to rebury his brother after his body was exhumed, which she courageously confesses to Creon. This pushed Creon to slam a death sentence on Antigone and her sister Ismene. At that time, Antigone was getting engaged to Haemon, Creon’s son, and he was asked for an opinion on the issue, which he first agreed with his father, but later opposed it due to Creon’s malice and stubbornness. This triggered Creon to curse him and threatened to kill Antigone before him. Ismene was later pardoned, but Antigone was to be killed by being walled up alive in a tomb (SparkNotes Editors 2002). Thereafter was the arrival of Tiresia, the blind prophet as an advisor to Creon. Tiresia called upon Creon to give Polynices his burial rites, and though he refused at first, he agreed reluctantly to do so as well as free Antigone from the tomb. This decision was based on the fact that Tiresia had predicted a curse upon the city in case he did not follow his advice. Polynices was buried and as this was going on, Haemon was heard wailing from Antigone’s tomb, and when Creon’s followers went over, they saw Antigone hanging from a rope, and Haemon was out of control. Haemon took a sword and threw at his father, but he missed and he decided to turn it on himself, and he died embracing Antigone’s body. Creon carried Haemon‘s body weeping against his own dictatorship, which he assumed as the cause of Haemon’s death. His misery did not end there. a guard came with news that his wife Eurydice had stabbed herself after hearing the news about the mishaps and that she had cursed him for his arrogance.

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