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Need an argumentative essay on Review the main changes and developments in employment relations in Singapore over the past decade. Do these change and developments constitute, in Leggetts (2007) terms, a transformation of Singapores employment relations. Needs to be 8 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Singapore has experienced and undergone an economic growth and development over a long decade and the modifications in the employment relation are not transformational. The dispute settlement and the collective bargaining methods have been implemented. The continuous harmony and success of the employment relation is mainly dependent on the culture that is collectivist in nature and is embodied by the employees or the workforce in the organization. The concerned ministry of Singapore has established and developed a framework for implementing the policies and regulations. The main objective of this paper is the application of the strategic model for the development and the transformation of the employment relation of Singapore. The employment relation and its transformation in Singapore is the result of the world economy and the transformation is raising debate about the employment relation in the economy. The strike was considered as the turning point in the industrial history of Singapore and it decided to prepare its workers for the modifications in the labour laws by the government.

Employment relation is considered as the relation that integrates the human resource management and the industrial relations which in turn widens and broadens the boundaries that comprises of the stakeholders and the environmental factors. The employment relation is the development of the tripartite contract between the government, unions and the employers.

The colonial administration that is transformed or converted to regulate pluralism in the period between (1960 -1967) which explains that during the colonial rule the main objective was maintaining the dependency of the worker and also suppressing the conflict. The increase in the industrial conflict has enforced and resulted in the infiltration of the Malaysian communities. The unsuccessful suppression and dominate has resulted in the formation of the economic trade union that is regulated and controlled by the union

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