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Write a 4 page essay on Choose one global or national financial institution. Explain its role (or roles) in the financial system. Assess its exposure and performance during the financial crisis of 2007-2012. Did it do well or badly.

The role of J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. in the financial system is defined by the nature of its operations, segments in which it operates and the reach of the company in the domestic and international financial market. J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. is the forerunner in asset management sector and its advisory services are obtained by businesses and investors throughout the world. In the capacity of largest asset management company in the world, by the end of the month September 2013, J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. had a total of USD 1.5 trillion assets (J P Morgan Chase & Co., 2013).

Another role played by J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. is its corporate and investment banking services. The operations of J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. banking services are available in more than one hundred countries around the globe. The main aim of the corporate and investment banking services offered by the company is to provide information and advisory services, generating capital, risk management and ensuring liquidity for its clients all over the globe (J P Morgan Chase & Co., 2013). A very important part of its services include the treasury services, which include cash management for large business entities, liquidity management and other related services. The treasury services of the company are availed by more than 135,000 organizations all over the world (J P Morgan Chase & Co., 2013).

During the financial crisis period, J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. provided continuous support to its clients all over the world. In fact, during the beginning of financial crisis, i.e. in year 2008, the company provided USD 300 billion to its clients in the form of loans. In addition to this, credit of more than USD 11 billion were provided to other institutions and organizations, which included hospitals and education sector (J P Morgan Chase & Co., 2008).

Highlighting the importance of J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. as an important financial institution, Sears (2012) state in his column that, “Many investors consider the

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