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Subject: Crossword in java from a txt

I am new in programming and the following is a java project that must be done. Sorry for bad english (translated in english by myself). The requirements confuse me.

How the format of eah class will be because getting errors

The crossword0.txt file










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Java projectThe crosswordo txt containas the solution of a crossword All letters are in capital . The first twoumbers indicate the size EXT .JVM# # # #HERBHM# # THY # AHHHTHIBOOEABOOLEAN# # D # # # #pictureBlack blacks are represented by # .Supposed that the text file is according to our needs and no check has to be doneWrite a class called Crossword which contains :An integer called lines that saves the rows of the crosswordAn integer called columns that saves the columns of the crosswordthat called grid which saves the characters that the ce crossword contains , onecharacter in each position . Each character it could be only capital letters ( A – 2 ) or the# which indicates the black black of crosswordA public constructor Crossword ( String file Name ) filename is a string which containsame of a text file ( with without the file pathD / Documents / crosswords txt . The constructor’s method will open the text file andread it line by line , doing the followingThe first integer will be lines and the second integer will bethe columns. Creates the array grid with size lines ) x / columnsa Read one by one the next lines , convert them to char using the to Char Array ( )asition ofmethod , and save each character in the corresponding position of the arraygridA public void method called print which will shows in the computer screen thecrossword as showed in picture i without the fifirst two lineWrite a main class which will contain the mainprogram , creates the object of the classand shows on the screen the crosswordAfter doing these modify the Cross Word class as follow1 . Extend class with a new method called better Print which will replace the # withspace . So the crossword will looks like the item in picture 2 Use override in order ofkeep using the print( method polymorphism

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