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Write a 14 page essay on Marketing Plan on E-Recycling.

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of getting rid of the waste, as well as getting a reusable product in return. Hence recycling is a very powerful tool to use resources that would have probably gone to waste and would have caused a lot of damage. Recycling also plays a major role in reducing the greenhouse effect because when recycling takes place the gas emission is very small as compared to when the goods are produced for the first time, this too is because it takes lesser resources to recycle a good. For example, paper can easily be recycled and reused. …

It refers to recycling the electronic products that are no longer in use for many a reasons like outdated technology or any technical or machinery problem etc. E-recycling is becoming one of the most important area in the field of recycling nowadays as more and more electronic items like computers, cell phones etc are being used by more and more people. These devices are becoming more accessible, more affordable and more popular among people as the buying power of people increases and so does their awareness and interest in such products. Moreover, since the technology is changing much more rapidly than it has ever had, people switch to newer products after very short span of using older ones and dispose the used products off. This factor is also adding to the e-waste. Thus, the need of e-recycling is increasing day-by-day and it is time to take as many steps as possible to help solve this issue in order to help reduce pollution. Some examples of goods that are commonly e-recycled the world over are electronic circuits and gadgets, computers, cell-phones, batteries and other such items.


A Marketing Plan is one of the most important parts of a business plan. A good Marketing Plan is a complete set of decisions, strategies and marketing techniques and tactics that would be necessary in order to market a product, brand, service or a product line in the most effective and efficient manner. It is a list of all the necessary actions needed to achieve one or more marketing objectives. The time period of a marketing plan may stretch from one year up to five years.

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