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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Child Abuse and Neglect. It needs to be at least 1250 words.

This is because tolerance is missing. Everyone seems to be in a rush within his life and the family members are no exception to this rule. Similarly, relationships have started to deteriorate. They have been marred by abuse within their folds and this indeed is the subject of this paper.

Abuse in relationships happens not only between husband and wife but also between parents and children, amongst siblings, family members and children and so on. Now it is the responsibility of the person in authority to form such an environment within the home that any form of abuse does not come into the fray at all. Abuse mars the basis of love and sanctity in any relationship and the abused person feels that he has been humiliated beyond repair. The relationship soars and the hatred factor starts to develop, a fact that has been proved by research. Children are also verbally abused and therefore are “beaten down” psychologically. Those who are abused psychologically tend to be very dependent and cannot take care of themselves. They have poor self-esteem and confidence and can have a poor relationship with their peers. In this paper, the focus is kept on child abuse alone and hence a proper understanding is developed with relation to the different forms of abuse that take place over them and the consequences that so arise in the wake of these different abuse types.

Similarly, the divorce between husband and wife plays a very significant factor in destroying the fabric of any family. It is an element of mental destruction that happens between families. Children seem to be the worst affected in the whole scenario. They store pictures of torture and fights within their memories and this is one feeling which is pretty difficult to get rid of. Psychologically, it affects them more than the persons who were in a marriage before they decided to forego the bond itself – the bond of marriage, now changed into a divorce deed. (Arasteh, 1988) Socially, it leaves a scar on the children so much so that they start getting alienated from other kids of the same age.&nbsp.&nbsp.

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