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Step 1:

Read the case scenario:

Acura Media Consultants is a great place to work. However, there has been a lack of trust and commitment among employees and managers. Teamwork is lacking and communication is difficult at best. This has affected job performance and employee morale.

There are three employees with varying work backgrounds who want to stay with the company and have both long and short term goals with Acura Media Consultants:

Employee 1:

Work Experience: 10 years as an Accounts Payable Clerk. 1 year experience as the Accounts Payable Clerk for Acura Media Consultants

Short Term Goal: Be promoted to the Lead Accounts Payable in the Accounting Department

Long Term Goal: To become head of the Accounting Department

Employee 2:

Work Experience: 8 years as the Lead Media Designer in the Graphic Arts Department

Short Term Goal: Secure a raise as the employee has been working overtime with no compensation

Long Term Goal: Become the Head Media Designer and to be promoted over more experienced Co-Workers

Employee 3:

Work Experience: 20 years as the Director of Communications

Short Term Goal: Set up a social media policy that will encompass the use of Twitter and Facebook. Be mindful this goes against the wishes of company executives as they see both of these as a waste of time

Long Term Goal: Retire in the next year and receive a large bonus for meeting company goals.

Step 2:

Considering the case scenario, address the following:

1: For each employee there is a great urgency in starting the process to accomplish their short term goals. Explain how each employee will reach each of these goals paying attention to the following factors:

  • Establish Credibility
  • Being Creative
  • Being Accountable
  • Being a Team Player
  • Submitting Quality Work

2: Considering your comments in 1, identify the exact communication channel/process that will be the most desired and least desired to use to discuss their long term goals with management.

3: What would you do right now to achieve your own personal job goals?

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