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One of the limitations of the study is that it may not be used for a general population due to the lack of external validity. In this relation, the external validity involves the cases where the sample that is presented for the study is not a representative. For instance, in the study, the sample means the women who are members of the black churches in the urban setting. This does not take into consideration the fact that there are female in the urban setting that is not members of the black churches as well as the fact that the study does not consider the cases where women in the rural setting have a perspective as well about stroke.

In this consideration, the researcher should undertake the research with the sample being a larger population, and the participants should include the women who are not going to the black churches as well as the consideration of the women living in different urban settings. On the other hand, the study should also take into account the opinions of the women living in the rural areas about stroke. This will help in gathering information to determine the primary cause of the perception of the women in regards to stroke in the whole population, and hence the factors affecting the women can be concluded due to the absolute internal validity that will be satisfied by the research study.  

Another limitation of the study us that the study does not take into consideration the collection of information in regards to the income of the women and hence the interpretation of the final results cannot be undertaken in consideration of the economic level or the economic status of an individual. Additionally, the data may be biased because the participants may have some interest in taking part in the process such as the eagerness in their health investigation with the cardiovascular diseases. This may lead to the bias views and hence may not also act as a representative of the whole population. This can be capped by vetting the participants and avoiding the nonprobability sampling since it may lead to the waste of resources in the investigation that cannot be used as a representative of the whole population.

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