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I will pay for the following essay What is a ‘conceptual scheme’ Do different people have different ones If so, can they understand each other. The essay is to be 8 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

The moment that one starts discussing ‘conceptual schemes,’ one knows that one is to be dealing with ‘concepts.’ But what are concepts? Philosophers, since perhaps the time of Ancient Philosophy, have tried to understand what concept is. And one of the more common definitions of the term ‘concept’ is that it is the innate, i

ntrinsic ability of man to formulate ideas inside his mind. It presents the idea that the moment that we try to clarify the term ‘concept’ itself it implies that one is going to look into the deep recesses of man’s thoughts, private thoughts. Because that is what concepts are all about, it is how man appreciates things that he perceives. But then, the problem with this is that it is something internal meaning that whatever maybe presents in one’s thoughts may not necessarily be what it is. Why? For the simple reason that concepts are part of man’s internal world. And as such, under this valuation of concept, it can thus be considered that concepts do not possess any truth-value at all. It can only be considered as right or wrong the moment that concepts are no longer working within boundaries of one’s mind but is now being given an external representation through the utilization of language.

The general use of speech, is to transfer Mentall Discourse into Verbal. or the Trayne our Thoughts, into a Trayneof words. and that for two commodities. whereof one is the Registering of the Consequences of our Thoughts. which being apt to slip out of our memory, and put us to a new labour, may gain be recalled by such words as they were marked by. So the first use of names is to serve for Markes or Notes of remembrance. Another is when many use he same words, to signifie (by their connexion and order,) one to another what conceive, or think of the matter.and also what hey desire, feare, or have any other passion for. And for this use they are called Signes.1

Thus, Hobbes looks at language as

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