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Write 8 page essay on the topic Using current and historical examples discuss the constraints and opportunities for alternative forms of work organisation in the globalized world.

w decades have given prominence to the understanding of work organization in reference to the advent of globalization. international trade being coupled with an increase in mobility of people and capital.

The confusion around globalization makes it harder to concretely define the term itself. In many cases,

it is the ‘prominent catchphrase for describing the process of international economic integration’ (Scholte, 2005, 16). In the context of the argument presented in this paper, globalization is viewed as an amalgamation of liberalization, universalization and westernization. Hence, it could be defined as the process of removing restrictions on movements between countries, creating a synthesis of cultures and spreading experiences to people in all corners of the world (Scholte, 2005).

Work organisation is often linked with capitalism. an economic system which advocates the prominence of private ownership, wage labour and emergence of market forces as the dictating power in setting prices. Karl Marx referred to capitalist societies as an advanced form of social organization that would pave way for the working class to come to power (Whitley, 2000). The ideology revolved around the transformation of human society being a series of evolution that was controlled by the changing dynamics of the world and the requirements of the general population. Where socialist or communist systems once wielded a stronger control over the processes governing work organization, this was replaced by the capitalistic approach. In the latter approach, the barter system of goods exchange was replaced by introducing an item of use-value. initially gold and then paper money. Marx professed that the next change would be the working class coming to power, with its primary driving factor being the exploitation of labour or workforce, under which capitalists try to extract value for the owner or the “bourgeois” society (Whitley, 2000).

Further progression of Marx’s work at the turn

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