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st their wishes by being taken away and sold to far away lands or individuals where they have to start life anew and have to start afresh in understanding the new environment and making new friends and acquaintances not to mention having also to face new and strange challenges that may require a tad extra effort in order to impress their protagonist. On the other hand, the relationship which exists between the slaves and their families is strong and also surmountable, in the sense that they try very hard as much as they can afford within the circumstances not to suffer the ignominy of having to be separated from their family members by ensuring that they obey all commands and instructions given at their disposal by the Weylins to avoid having to wrongfully be found falling into their bad books and eventually receiving the inevitable tag of having to be sold into slavery even against their wishes. However, for individuals who feel for various reasons that the Weylins have grown to become too much of a nuisance on the very fabric of their life, always ended up being unfortunately separated from those who really and genuinely care about them and that is family. A very good exemplary figure of such individuals who with clarity brings out this contentious point in the novel is Sam who is shamefully sold away into slavery by standing up and committing the sin of disobeying the Weylins rules that barred him from speaking to Dana (Butler 52). Selling him into slavery meant that he had been cut from all his relatives, thus his family and the results were pain and agony of separation of a family member by him and his family.

A keen and critical examination of the Weylins reveals and points to their single-most strength invested in family ties that they used in many ways to their advantage in effectively binding the slaves to work on their plantation by putting in the slaves a sense of compulsory servitude, thereby compelling them to work in whatever circumstance for

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