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Hi, I need help with essay on Final Reflection. Paper must be at least 750 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

The summary of “Is Facebook making us Lonely” helped us a lot in understanding audience awareness. The article helped us how to write keeping the dispositions of audience towards the writer. The authors discussed the topic in an excellent way keeping their audience in mind. The summary of the article also informed us about the details involved in responding to audience.

The article itself served as a role model for us as to how to communicate with audience using facts and rhetoric together. The subject of the article was very interesting and authors were successful in keeping the interests of the readers at all times.

The summary of the article also helped us to learn about summarizing and paraphrasing. It helped us understand how to read and summarize a particular work without ignoring every small detail. I personally learned how to concisely summarize a long article in a few pages.

This course has also helped me recognize the importance of rhetorical stance especially through the class discussions. In the class discussions we learnt how to maintain a clear stance throughout the discussion without changing sides. It was more about building a whole case around a central thesis. This helped my writing a lot because previously there was less coherence in my work. I used to discuss many things in a single paper and did not focus too much on a central theme or purpose. Class discussion made me understand how important it is to think about a purpose when writing about a topic.

Research paper probably helped me the most as it made my research skills better. I learned how to use search engines and other sources to get the relevant information in a less amount of time. There is loads of information now at our disposal but it is very difficult to extract the right kind of information in a short time. I believe that research paper writing helped me research in a better way.

When I was doing the paper I had to analyze other people’s work and

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