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This is a broad core value, but becomes a necessity as a law enforcement officer. As a law enforcement officer or FBI agent, I would be investigating homicides, kidnappings, white collar crimes, and various other offenses. I must be prepared to investigate with the same amount of vigor every case I am assigned.

For example, if I arrest an African American, white, Arab, or anyone else, I must treat them the same. If I was investigating the kidnapping of the President’s daughter or a homeless man’s daughter, I must put the same amount of effort in to the investigation. Profiles are used to track criminals, especially in the FBI. However, I must not racial profile, only criminal profile. All American citizens or individuals living in America deserve justice.

A cop must follow certain rules to achieve justice for all. It is important to understand that justice sometimes cannot be achieved for all, but the goal is to try to achieve justice for all. In order to do this a few rules must be followed. One example is a suspect’s Miranda Rights. These are rights to remain silent, request a lawyer, or have a lawyer appointed to the suspect. If these Rights are not read, justice cannot be achieved for the suspect or the victim. Innocent suspects can be railroaded or guilty ones can go free, if a cop does not follow the rule of reading the Miranda Rights.

Another rule to follow, that some police officers do not observe but should, is the keeping of the laws they enforce. Humans, even police officers, are not perfect. A speeding ticket should not strip a police officer from their post, but more serious offences should. For example, DUI’s, bounced checks, and definitely felonies should cause a police officer’s dismissal. An officer’s integrity would be in question if they commit a crime. They would no longer be able to search for justice, because justice needs to be enforced by those that obey the law.

Finally, the last rule

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