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However, it is not denied that Microsoft Excel can be used in various others ways like inventory, financial worksheets, etc. But Microsoft Access is a Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) application which is primarily meant for maintaining records whereas Microsoft Excel’s primary function is to act as a tool for data analysis. As it is necessary to maintain records of personnel working in the organization, an application is essential which can be used to enter the records and provide reports based on various parameters, Microsoft Access is flexible and useful when compared to Microsoft Excel.

Microsoft Office is a easiest tool for documentation, tables, analysis, making presentation, maintaining records and getting reports. All the applications in MS Office package are flexible with each other that the data can be imported and exported to different applications. Similarly, all the data existing in MS Excel can be imported in MS Access through Import Option available in MS Access. This not allow the data to imported but it actually imports the data head-wise as it was entered in Excel thus eliminating the problem of entering the data again in Excel.

The main benefit of MS Access is that value can be given to the parameters and based on these values data can be entered and reports can generated. Additionally, it offers the flexibility to design report based on our conditions. Such reports can help the organizations in decision making process. Party Plates can use MS Access to its fullest extent as possible to derive data as per its requirement and generate reports to make necessary changes in its strategy. Information pertaining to personnel’s can be obtained category wise to determine the payment policies, costs, products, sales data, etc. Such detailed data will help the sales department in taking decisions regarding the strategy formulation in times of crisis.

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