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Complete 6 page APA formatted essay: WW2 Japan and China’s war AKA the Second Sino japanese war.

The results of the war were that they were displaced from their homes and properties totaling to billions destroyed1. This paper examines into details second Sino-Japanese War and its effects.

The second Sino-Japanese War origin is traced back to the incident in Manchurian which took place in September 1931. Japanese being effectively consolidated had occupied different territories and the Kwantung army went ahead to occupy Munchuria. After this, they established their puppet state In Munchuria known as Manchukuo in February 1932. The Chinese were not happy with this change, but the Japanese forced them to recognize the independence of their puppet states. They opposed this by conducting suppressed anti-Japanese activities and in the process forming an autonomous regional government in Northern China. However, the Japanese succeeds in their quest of forming puppet states because between the periods of 1933 and 1935, the Chinese people were forced through their armies to create two demilitarized autonomous areas to border their puppet state2.

The break of the Second Sino-Japanese war was traced back to increased internal opposition to the Japanese government by Chinese citizens who saw that the Japanese policy of making their selves stronger before carrying out an attack was a threat to their sovereignty. In 1937, the Japanese soldiers headed for Beijing and Tainjin demanding that the Chinese soldiers were to surrender under their terms. This was because they knew that the military might of the Chinese could not match them as they were advanced weaponry. However, this did not go as planned because the Chinese clashed with the Japanese as they saw that they were slowly loosing their freedom and country to the Japanese who were foreigners in their land3. The Chinese initial response to this was to place their troops outside Shangai an area occupied by the Japanese. This act greatly agitated the Japanese as they saw this as an act of challenge to their

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