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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Sociology of Development. It needs to be at least 2500 words.

Focus will also be provided on the effectiveness of such measurement indices and specifically on those areas where these indices fit appropriately and where they do not. Moreover, this discussion will also be explaining the differences between development and progress to obtain a broader understanding to the subject matter.

Sociologists have long been arguing that development does not apply to a specific area. The term, ‘development’ possesses a versatile meaning. Development can be referred as bringing about improvements in multiple fields. In simple terms, development can be simply described as a process of moulding the current scenario with the intention of achieving a better outcome. Development has led to inspiring achievements not only in terms of property, technology, sociology, psychology, small groups, large communities and individual human beings, but also in terms of arts, music, literature and almost in every possible areas of study (Hopper, 2012). For instance, community development ideas can be considered as a perception of economists intending towards the growth and prosperity of the entire community. In sociology context, ‘development’ can be termed as a term describing the improvements in industrialisation, the standard of living and economic growth. Development related to living standards include improvements such as free education, health care and increase in life expectancy of people. In general, it is based on these factors, countries are categorised as underdeveloped or developing. Certainly, to measure such a versatile concept, multiple measuring tools are used, which till date have provided significant measurement data about development. These measuring tools are commonly known as indices (Bown, 2007).

This section will be focused on explaining the various types of indices commonly used by governmental and non-governmental bodies for measuring development within the national socio-economic. The most common

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