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Write 2 page essay on the topic A discussion of a personal, local, or national issue.

Yet, there were many reports of medical negligence and inequality as regards to the implementation of the national Health Policy across the population in equitable terms (United States Census Bureau, “U.S. and World Population Clock”).

With the vision to attain health equity and issues like SDH, Swedish government has adopted a Public Health Policy, comprehensive in nature, promoted by the Swedish Parliament in April 2003 at Riskdag. This policy elevates the health issues on the paradigm of national political agenda and makes the process of equity in health policy an agenda of topmost priority. The objective of the policy was therefore, to attain some basic societal conditions across the country, which shall tend to provide “good health on equal terms for the entire population” (World Health Organisation, “Social determinants of health: Sweden”).

Life style habits influence health largely and this has been an evident and proven fact across the world. Therefore, a serious motivation for the improvement of healthy living conditions and life style habits undertaken by the Swedish government has acted as a role model for the entire world. The establishment of eleven domains of objectives by the government of Sweden with connections to SDH has further acted meticulously, as a device to implement equity in health services across the country (Lager, Berlin, Heimerson and Danielsson 55-56).

It is quite important for a government to maintain standard and equal living conditions and lifestyle habits across the population in order to implement equity of health services. With this vision, the Swedish government has undertaken some remarkable policies, which has become exemplary before the rest of the world. The first step undertaken by the government was the active participation of the Swedish populace on the national health mission and its influence on them. Next, the economic and social securities of the citizens were ensured. It is often argued that

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