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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Proposal and Report. It needs to be at least 2500 words.

I have attached presentation details with my proposal which illustrate meaningful experience of education.

Students are quite more rational in today’s world than ever. They are highly concerned with the cost they spent on studies and the expected benefits that they would fetch from it. They would also keep an eye on the possible fields that their education would take them. A research showed that students having bachelor’s degree expected to earn more dollars than with a high school education.

&lt. College Name&gt. has an embarked global fleet of development and research in information technology and computer science, which will increase potentially among students and pursue them to achieve professional goals. The real experiences of professionals who showed their competency in their specific field would help students to understand the essentials of education. would offer students to graduate with major in Information Technology and Computer Science. The student can contribute to his/her nation to a long run after passing higher education. They would also get other benefits like handsome salaries, knowledge and expertise.

In presentation, the focal point would be on career pathways in higher education information technology and computer science. I will discuss with your students the professional point of views in education field. Their opinion will help students to make their mind to face the challenges in their field. I will also discuss the demands and salaries scale with your students.

My presentation would not be stressful or boring for students, I would like an interactive environment with students. I extremely appreciate and encourage them to ask questions or queries related to topic whenever they like. My requirement composed of technology like Internet access and a data projector so that it would be feasible for students to see the presentation. Later, I will provide leaflets for students to

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