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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Attend an Employment Tribunal and write a court report about your visit and what you witnessed. It needs to be at least 2250 words.

The ground for his dismissal was not fair. Mr R Rembiszewski had been working for Atkins Ltd for a period of 16 years. He initially joined the company as a Railway architect, a position he held for four years, before he was promoted to the position of the deputy design officer. After working in this department for two years, his boss left, making this position vacant. After a thorough consideration by the Board of directors, he was found suitable to hold the position, and thus was promoted to become the design officer of the company. This was a clear indication that his hard work and efforts were recognized by the company. However, he was never promoted anymore during his tenure in the company, although many promotions had been made. His concern about this saw him protest against discrimination during promotions. This led to his dismissal without of reasonable notice (Painter & Holmes, 2011 p28). The Employment Tribunal had to consider these issues under a single case filed by Mr R Rembiszewski, and determine the case appropriately. Lawyers represented each party to the case, where they argued the case for their clients.

The facts regarding this case were first presented by Mr Rembiszewski’s lawyer. According to him, there were a series of promotions that occurred in the company during the 16 years that he had worked with the company, yet he had only been promoted twice. According to Mr Rembiszewski, an employee was eligible for promotion if he/she had worked with the company for a minimum of five years, as provided for by company’s policies. This meant that he ought to have been promoted at least three times. The facts also stated that he protested this discrimination, since most of his colleagues, who had worked with the company for a similar duration, had obtained their fair share of promotions. After protesting, the management of the company

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