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Complete 2 page APA formatted essay: The culture of China Mafia (triad).

Although clans have the same hierarchical triad structure, each one of them operates separately from the others, and each one can undertake a business, without asking the consent from the other (Booth 78).

An important rule of these triads that can be also related to other organized crime organizations around the world is that women are prohibited to infiltrate in such societies.

Moreover, their culture is based mainly on loyalty, because all members develop family ties and should pass an initiation process.

In what concerns the profile of members of such societies, some of them are very educated (e.g. lawyers and accountants), who are using their professional status for illegal businesses (Lintner 88). These professionals are not under the possibility of being arrested because the police are focusing on the street criminals, and not on the legitimate lawyers and accountants (Chow 478).

When assessing the culture of triad societies is important to overlook the main domains in which they operate. Chinese clans operate mainly in the area of heroin trafficking, but also on counterfeiting goods and human trafficking. The cities with the highest presence of triads are Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan.

The functioning of Chinese triads has also been based on a strong connection or association with the government, mainly because of the communist regime of this country. An example of this kind of association happened in 1992 when Tao Siju (which was minister of public security) encouraged the patriotic work of clans, and set up the framework to continue their businesses, considered in the interest of the state (Brodhurst and Wa 12).

Nowadays, it is also necessary to discuss the activity of these triads and to see if law enforcements and other measure had an impact on the culture of these triads and the way they operate. It has been seen an improvement in combating triads activity in Southern China due to a rapid economic development in this

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