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Need an argumentative essay on Analyzing a play. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism.

In addition, the play introduces the elocution of Chicanos, composing of code switching linking Spanish and English.

The main conflict displayed in the play is racism. It is shown by distinguishing the Mexican and American stereotype. Miss. Jimenez arrives from the office of the governor to buy a brown skinned robot for the operation because it will look good to own a Mexican type on the staff. Later, Honest Sancho promotes all his models by explaining the characteristics of each model. Secretary comments, “You still do not understand what is required. It is true we need Mexican models, such as these, but it is more crucial that he be American.” However, the secretary rejects all the models since they did not fit her needs. To solve the case of racism, while facing pressure from the Americans, Mexican-Americans should determine whether they are going to have Mexican American origins. They talk both Spanish and English and this shows that they still have the Chicano origin, but they do not have to disrespect their heritage or ignore the ethnicity. Americans require the Mexican-Americans to be well educated, well-mannered and very hard working, (Huerta 274).

Sancho and Miss Jimenez are deviant figures that may be contemplated as role models for Chicanos in the eyes of Anglo-American community. The conflict of social culture that is overcome by Mexicans who exist in the United States is keeping the loyalty toward their own group the external impulsions to turn opposing their own. Miss Jimenez is the one who cannot keep her own discernment so that she loses her ethical identity as Mexican since she contemplates being American. It is exhibited in the play that Miss Jimenez tries to create a new social origin as an American. Secretary, “No, thank you. The governor possesses a luncheon this afternoon, and we require a brown face in the throng. How do I drive him?”

Sancho is the main protagonist. in the play, he is portrayed as a

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