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Complete 5 page APA formatted essay: Primate communication and language.

One research shows one primate seeking the help of another primate to increase the communicating primate’s groom activities. The young primate gives a happy inviting sound to other young primates to play among the trees. One research shows the playing young primate raise their arms to indicate they want to play with the other nearby young primates (Pika 41). The research shows one playful chimpanzee poked the other young primate. The poking was a clear signal that the poking chimpanzee was inviting another chimpanzee to play.

The communication language helps the nonhuman primates adapt to different environments. In the caring for the young environment, the researchers observed that the mother apes communicated by nodding their heads, similar to human nodding of heads to say no. The primate mother nods to stop their babies from playing with their food. The water seems to persuade the baby to eat the food. When the mother ape was climbing a tree with her baby hanging to her back for safety, the mother used this environment to shake her head as she looks at her baby. She communicates to the baby to stop her from climbing the tree. The mother fears that the baby may fall from the tree and crash down to her death. In another Arnhem Zoo research, the ape researcher observed during a close family get together environment that the mother shook her head. The mother is communicating to her baby not to approach a mad or bad mood male chimpanzee. The mother fears that the male chimpanzee may physically hurt the baby during times of anger, stress, or in a bad mood (Boos 278). The male chimpanzee may bring out his anger on the innocent and knowledge-wanting baby chimpanzee. During the environment of mating, the male gorillas hoot to make love overtures to their female gorilla members. The apes howl their message across to their group members.

In another 2007 nonhuman primate survival research, the researchers observed that the young chimpanzee asked for food

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