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1 A) What is price, and why is it important to a firm? What is digital currency, such as Bitcoin?

B) Describe and give examples of some of the following types of pricing objectives: profit, market share, competitive effect, customer satisfaction, and image enhancement.

C) Explain and give examples of each of these pricing concepts. Cite personal examples.

cost-plus pricing, target costing, yield management pricing, skimming pricing, penetration pricing, trial pricing, pricing segmentation, peak load pricing, surge pricing, two-part pricing, payment pricing, price bundling, captive pricing, distribution-based pricing tactics, dynamic pricing, and discriminatory pricing.

D) Explain decoy pricing. Is decoy pricing ethical?

2 A) Explain the functions of distribution channels.

B) What factors are important in determining whether a manufacturer should choose a direct

      or indirect channel? Why do some firms use hybrid marketing systems?

C)What is logistics? Explain the functions of logistics. What is reverse logistics?

D)       Explain the steps in distribution planning.

E) What is a supply chain, and how is it different from a channel of distribution?

3 A) How do marketers classify retail stores? Explain merchandise breadth and depth.

B) Describe the differences in merchandise assortments for convenience stores, supermarkets, box stores, specialty stores, category killers, leased departments, variety stores, general merchandise discount stores, off-price retailers, warehouse clubs, factory outlet stores, department stores, hypermarkets, and pop-up stores.

C) Explain the different types of direct selling. What is the difference between a multilevel network and a pyramid scheme?

D) What is a service? What are the important characteristics of services that make them 

     different from goods?

E) What dimensions do consumers and business customers use to evaluate service quality? How should marketers respond to failures in service quality?

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