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Create a 8 page essay paper that discusses Research Methodology for Fair trade products as a means of increasing consumer confidence in the Contract Catering sector.

A research design may be either qualitative or quantitative. The methodology is an explanatory of the procedure connect in the field of the consumer behaviour with respect to fair trade products in the contract catering sector of the hospitality industry. This methodology is the way to analytically solve the troubles that are in involved in the research.

The methodology is evaluated by the analyst and the outsiders are not involved in the assortment of the methodology. For the outstanding research the methodology should be systematic, logical, empirical and replicable.

The role of fair trade products in securing customer confidence in the contract catering sector is very high. Quantitative and qualitative methods were adopted in conducting the research process. The contextual background was identified and the priority areas were discussed. Research was conducted in schools, universities and offices to understand the customer’s confidence in the use of fair trade products. “The consumers are critics are proposing several schemes which, includes “fair trade” coffee, using of fresh quality standards in restricting imports.” (Kelly 2010). The research methods included both quantitative and qualitative methods. “Inductive reasoning and deductive reasoning are both subsumed under scientific inquiry, yet they characterize a distinction between purely qualitative and purely quantitative methods.” (Newman & Benz 1998, p.17). Research shows that “Everyone in the “value chain” benefits from fair trade.” (Who benefits from fair trade? 2010) from the producers to the consumers. “Products certified with the fair trade logo guarantee strict standards worldwide on certain environmental, labor and remuneration aspects.” (Chen et al., 2009, p. 67).

Research Methodology is “the section of a research proposal in which the methods to be used are described. The

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