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Need an argumentative essay on Personality DisordersFact or Fiction. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Some experts are urging that the DSM version is hinged more on the socioeconomic and political consideration with disregard to other factors and have contested this diagnostic criterion of personality disorder.

The causative agent of personality disorder has ignited animated debate and most of the experts have come up with different schools of thoughts to explain the origin of the disorder. One school of thought explain the occurrence as brought by the experiences during one’s early lifetime, these experiences they argue leads to the prevention of the normal development of thoughts as well as behavioral patterns in one’s life. The other school of thought believes that disorder is a genetic problem that originates from molecular level of the deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) (Berman 82). However, of these two schools of thoughts, none has been applauded as having a rational explanation of the disorder thought it is thought to be culminated by a combination of the two proposals. That is, the environment and genetic aspects that are proposed by the two schools of thoughts.

For one to be recommended for personality disorder, DSM advises that the person must exhibit salient symptoms that exactly meet the diagnostic criteria as they have set. One of the criteria assessed during the diagnosis is the pervasiveness and chronic nature of the patterns demonstrated by the individual in relation to the person’s life. This assessment also includes relations with work, school, social functioning, and close relationships (Gardner and Qualter 34). The other criteria is that the person suspected of the disorder must show symptoms that impairs two or more of the following. impulse control, thoughts, interpersonal functioning, and emotions. The stability of the behavioral pattern over time must also be confirmed with the onset traceable to adolescent or early child period. Confirmation of the above symptoms will eliminate any

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