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I will pay for the following essay Social network and project management. The essay is to be 1 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

Working on team projects of this type is a new experience for most of the students and the maturity of their thinking skills has advanced in important ways.

Social Networking Systems (SNS), such as Facebook, are wildly popular in today’s world. This popularity and the availability of many interaction features in SNS suggest that they could offer new and powerful possibilities for technology-enhanced education. The study done specifically examined the potential for a social media platform called Ning, in providing helpful mechanisms for student teams to employ for communicating, collaborating and cooperating while undergoing major itinerary project and it all came out positive and so beneficial.

The members involved in this kind of project teams can vary widely in terms of dimensions such as age, gender and cultural background even though highly diverse teams face special problems such as leadership structure, mutual respect, motivation and open discussion in conducting their project management activities.

Social media brings knowledge democratization, and falling application costs bring a proliferation of application and content. This results in fragmentation that drives corporations and not-for profits seek out leadership to make use of their intangible assets and reuse their knowledge and expertise to evolve and remain competitive. The following are some of the discovered roles knowledge professionals are most likely to play in this rapidly evolving environment: Managing initiatives focusing on content and collaboration, supporting innovation and change, Identifying new methods to streamline processes and procedures throughout the organization.

New academic programmers incorporating social media while focusing on project management and leadership, specifically as they relate to enterprise-wide information and knowledge, are

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