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Hi, need to submit a 1750 words essay on the topic Social learning theory and style of learning.

It is based on the supposition that people use several channels of perceiving information. Visual, auditory and kinaesthetic are the major sensory modalities used by humans. All the small children use kinaesthetic channel to explore the world. Later we develop the visual modality and finally master the auditory one.

One should strive for developing all three modalities. However, most of people use one of the systems as the major to check the information. Visuals prefer to see information (they need to see a text, or charts and diagrams). Visual learners may be linguistic and spatial. Linguistic learners would remember a lecture if they watch slides with text, while spatial learners do better with charts, videos, demonstrations, and other visual materials. Those with dominant kinaesthetic modality need to touch and perform to master new skills. People with dominant auditory channel prefer to listen to information. Most of people are visuals. There are also many people with leading kinaesthetic modality. Dominant auditory modality is the less spread one (Adler 1997, Clark 2000). As Don Clark (2000) explains, the three learning styles are forced upon us through life like this: up to the third grade new information is mostly presented kinaesthetically, in grades 4-8 visual presentation prevails, while starting with the high school information is usually presented auditory by lectures.

My dominant modality is visual spatial. I prefer to get information through pictures, maps, charts, movies and videos. It is easier for me to retain information in mental images than in audio and kinaesthetic format. To remember things I need to make schematic notes. However, I’ve got also a well developed kinaesthetic modality, so that in many cases I learn well through hands-on approach.

Another useful instrument to be remembered is social learning theory, which provides glimpses at how most of us acquire our knowledge and

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