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Hi, need to submit a 1000 words essay on the topic Wheat Field with Cypresses.

A lot of the correspondences were descriptive of life in London and Netherlands.

Theo was not the only person he corresponded with. there were other people such as Johanna van Gogh-Bonger (Theo’s wife), Wil (his sister), Emile Bernard and others. Vincent van Gogh would include a lot of sketches in his letters to anyone. He always made sure he added a sketch to complement the letters. Apparently, his correspondences would never be complete without a sketch illustrating the subject of his letters. That was out of pure love for both literature and art. He strongly believed in art and literature as powerful tools for communication. He perceived the society and everything around him using artistic lenses, which is why he drew and painted pictures a lot. At the time he wrote the letters, he was a young man who had started to believe that his destiny lay in art. Any art and literature lover would not want to stop reading van Gogh’s letters.

Wheat Field with Cypresses is van Gogh’s painting work, in which he used an oil paint to draw complete picture of a typical wheat field with cypress trees, clouds, the horizon and a lot of other environmental components. This and his other painting works are an upgrade from the letters and sketches he was concentrating in earlier on. Wheat Field with Cypresses is able to communicate without any words used to describe it. His use of different colors to illustrate the different elements within the picture eliminates the need for a literary description.

One may question the relationship that exists between van Gogh’s several letters and the Wheat Field with Cypresses. The relationship may not be as direct as one would expect, but there is a big connection. Both are depictions of a shrewd artist who used art to communicate and to paint a picture of the society. The letters were numerous and various. The themes of the letters were different. That was art. The good relationship between Vincent

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