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Create a 2 page essay paper that discusses Assignment 9.

Therefore, human relations based on the school scenario are important, as it provides a strong foundation that enables the staff to be able to focus on their self-development thereby enhancing a better and effective working environment. It is through great relationships that most organizations are able to prosper.

One major development is the increasing importance of the interpersonal skills in every work setting in all organizations. It is well noted that technical ability in this age of information is not enough in achieving organizational success. Interpersonal skills as well as communication skills are major rating factors when it comes to hiring employees. For example, the school board hired most of their staff based on their interpersonal skills. The board rated their staff’s interpersonal skills because they wanted to know how well the staff will relate to their co-workers and students in terms of their speaking and listening skills (Wiles & Bondi, 2004).

Based on the organizational settings of the studies within our textbook, organizational culture simply refers to a collection of shared beliefs, rituals, values, myths and stories that tend to give a feeling of unity among the organizational members(Wiles & Bondi, 2004). It is quite clear that the culture depicted by most organizations is simply a reflection of the beliefs, behaviours and the values that are brought up by a group of individuals. Therefore, the success of any organization is also built on its abilities to portray a good image and outcome of the organization’s objectives.

Communication is referred to as the means through which we are able to create a common understanding between others and ourselves. In order to bring out the aspect of self-development, people should be able to learn on how to communicate effectively. It is through the development of communications skills that employees are able to boost the working relationships that exist among them. For

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