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Write a 7 page essay on Edgar Allen Poe.

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Unfortunately, Poe was unable to properly support himself, and in 1827 he enlisted in the United States Army. He lied about his age to enlist, claiming to be twenty-two despite the fact that he was only eighteen, and he began to use a fake name, which was Henri Le Rennet. Poe served for only two years when he decided to end his five-year enlistment early. He explained the situation to his commanding officer, revealing both his real name and his real age. His commanding officer said that the only way he would release Poe would be if Poe set things right with John Allan. The first few attempts were failures, but after the death of Poe’s foster mother, John Allan softened enough to help Poe discharge from the military. Poe was finally discharged in 1829 and sent to a military academy at West Point.

In 1830, John Allan remarried, and his new wife was greatly against Poe and his ideas about the children that John Allan had when he had affairs, caused Poe to be disowned completely by his foster father. In February of 1831, Poe moved to New York, though shortly after he moved back home to Baltimore to be with his aunt, cousin, and brother, who sadly died from problems with alcoholism in August of that year.

Poe began his writing career as a writer for a newspaper. The job paid minimally and certainly not enough for Poe to make a living. His first book, Tamerlane and Other Poems had been published and released the same year that he joined the Army, though he gained little to no attention for the forty-page book of poems., of which only fifty copies were printed. His second volume of poems, Al Araaf, Tamerlane and Minor Poems was released in 1829, though still did not receive any recognition for his work. His third volume of poems, Poems, was released while Poe was in New York. This book obtained a little more attention, but this was primarily due to the cadets from West Point who helped in the publishing process of the volume.

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