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Write a 4 page essay on The Novikov Telegram, September 27, 1946.

The evidence he uses to justify this perspective stems from the “the real meaning” of the claims of the American leadership of the right to lead the world. These words have been followed up by the enlisting of the army, the air force, the navy, industry, and science in America to serve this long-term goal of the American foreign policy.

In addition Novikov cites the existence of “broad plans” for the expansion leading to world domination, and the use of diplomacy in implementing these plans by the setting up a system of air and naval bases that are far beyond the boundaries of the United States of America. Further evidence cited by Novikov to justify the long-term goal of world domination in American foreign policy through the arms race and the development of “newer types of weapons”. The newer types of weapons that Novikov refers to are the atomic bombs possessed by the United States of America, which at that time was not possessed by any other country. Novikov goes on further to say that the United States of America was moving towards ending the allied occupation of Germany so that by establishing democracy in Germany, it could be used to in the service of the plans of the United States of America for world domination. (1).

To Novikov the American strategy in its timing of entry into Second World War was planned on assisting it aims to dominate the world. During the Second World War the main theatres of war were in Europe and Asia. As far as possible the United States of America would not enter the Second World war and if pushed to it would delay its entry in such a manner that with minimal effort it could decide the course of the war, as the main combatants by then would weak and weary of the war. This strategy had to twin benefits on one hand the leading nations of the world involved in the battles of the second world war would be weakened while the fresh American forces would retain their strength and this would allow them to

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