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Hi, need to submit a 1250 words essay on the topic DTC marketing: Strengths and weaknesses and the importance of marketing done well.

(Donohue, et al. 2007)

In the United States, this form of advertising is regulated by the Food and Drug Administration. This agency must make sure that the information passed to the consumers is real, has been researched thoroughly and that all information has been given accurately. This is done by detailed research, provision of education programs and ensuring that proper communication has been practised through labelling to both the health practitioners and the consumers.

There are strengths/ benefits to direct to consumer marketing. One of the benefits is that the DTC marketing passes very relevant information about health issues like diseases and treatments by creating a conversation between the patients and the healthcare givers. Also, it increases awareness of a disease to the patient, gives treatment option for treatment for the disease in question thus communicating to the public on medicine prescriptions.

Another advantage is that DTC can ensure that the sellers can get feedback from the consumers. This will make sure the marketing is effective enough to increase the returns to the sellers. The consumers and doctors also get up to date information on a pharmaceutical products and trends in the market.

However, there have been concerns about this form of marketing from the public and the regulatory body in general. It has been observed that there are some companies that use this form of marketing for their good and not for the right reasons. It is believed that these companies use the members of the public just to make money.

This is because some of their adverts are misleading. either by passing wrong information or by not doing proper research about the product (drug), or for any other reason that makes the drug not helpful to the consumer. (Smith, 2002) The physicians also waste a lot of time convincing a patient on the advantages or

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