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Although Ma Wan is a small island, it has proved to be a favourable destination for international and local tourists (Sewell & James, 1995). It has a number of leisure places such as the Ma Wan Park, Noah’s Ark Museum, Ma Wan Tung Wan Beach overseen by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department and the Heritage Centre (Sewell & James, 1995).

Ma Wan is an island and a relative small one and as such has a small number of inhabitants. One thing notable is the old abandoned houses that are found in sections of the island. The governments seem to have prompted an agenda of relocating some of the locals to ease population in this area. The reduction of the population had fallen to 800 in 2008 (You Lin Xu, 2011). Abandoned shops are visible, and schools too, one being the Kei Wai Primary School indicating that the locals had not been alienated to the outside world.

Religion integration is well-bonded in Ma Wan. Noah’s Ark is also an important landmark in Ma Wan. It is based on the Biblical story about Noah. The presence of temples has been an indication of the preservation of Ma Wan’s religion. Presence of churches and temples places Ma Wan as a multi-religion region, and there has been a peaceful co-existence between these different groups. These indicates an important aspect of diversification around Ma Wan.

Ma Wan transport has been significantly advanced, and the construction of Kap Shui Mun Bridge is an indication of this progress. However, though, the people of Ma Wan depend on water transport mainly to get to the mainland and also the tourists mainly use water transport as part of their leisure activities. Therefore, it is an indication that Ma Wan has limited connection of roads to the mainland of Hong Kong. As such, the locals offer transport services through boats. A harbour is also present in Ma Wan, and this has been as a result of the evacuation

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