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Write a 6 page essay on Ethical Dilemma Essay.

Therefore, since there is no choice in the matter, there is no breach of confidentiality or ethical violation when a student discusses a case with a supervisor. The second condition for an ethical dilemma is that there should be an alternative course of action to choose from. The third condition is that no matter the choice of action, some ethical principles should be compromised i.e. there is no proper solution (Cheryl R. Lehman, 2010).

In order to determine what constitutes an ethical dilemma, it is important to make necessary distinction between ethics, morals, values, laws and policies. Ethics comprises of propositional statements used by members of certain profession or a group to determine what is right and wrong in a given situation. Ethics rely on rational and logical criteria during the decision making process. On the other hand, values describe the ideas that we value the most. To value something means to hold it dearly and feel a sense of worthiness in it. Morals describe a certain code of behavior that an individual ascribes and used to negotiate and strengthen our relationship.

Since employees take most of their time during the weekday in the office, they are tempted to carry out their own businesses in the company’s time. This may comprise of such instances like setting up an appointment with a doctor using the company’s phone lines, use of the company’s computers to make vacation reservations or even making freelance calls during office working hours.

At the first instance, this ethical dilemma is quite clear: it is time and other abuse of employer’s time and resources to do personal business especially during the official working hours. But here are some shades of gray. Suppose your spouse calls to inform you that your children are sick? Is it right to look for a doctor’s appointment? It is very essential for an employee to check with his supervisor or manager so as to clarify what amounts to an actionable

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