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Write a 4 page essay on US government assignment.

The bill necessitates freezing the Ohio Alternative Energy Portfolio Standard at existing degree, by the end of 2016. Senate Bill 310 also intends to minimise the general renewable energy targets by 2025 and permit every Ohio renewable energy source to be acquired from efficient plants, even if they are positioned outside Ohio. The bill controls the state energy effectiveness and mandates in minimising the use of renewable energy. The proposed bill has therefore been argued to require creating a special committee, which will determine the level of cost to the customers for mandated energy efficiency plans and renewable energy plants such as wind energy and solar energy. The bill also necessitates state regulators to enact new regulations for unveiling the expenses for electric utility on every customer’s electric bill. The bill requires implementation of electric utilities (such as energy efficient equipments and lighting) for assisting customers to minimise their overall energy consumption. The bill also mandates energy generation organisations to reduce overall demand and peak demand of power by efficiency measures by 22% within 2025 (Funk, 2014).

Renewable energy in Ohio signifies electricity generated by wind turbines. Nevertheless, ending Ohio’s inner state energy mandate would permit state’s energy utilities to seek inexpensive wind generated power from other states, such as Minnesota and Iowa. Such movement in turn would force wind energy manufacturers in Ohio to compete for better and inexpensive energy generation or find other markets to sell the energy. The bill can therefore be regarded as a compromise between those who desire to eradicate energy efficiency regulation and those who desire no change in regulation (Heindl Server GmbH, 2010). Apart from ending in-state mandate of energy, SB 310 would freeze the renewable energy effectiveness standard. In relation to the bill, several legislators stated that wind energy

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