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Hi, I need help with essay on Applying E-Business Strategies. Paper must be at least 500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

In spite of having the right to comment about the cafés activities, the customer’s viewpoints reveal ignorance of children’s right towards recreational activities such as storytelling sessions.

An open web forum is prone to abusive comments, non-relevant posts, and inciting others regarding an issue concerning either the café or other firms. Consequently, encouraging an open line communication and maintaining an open web forum necessities to the café to ask the customers to agree with the terms of web forum prior to posting their comments. Deleting offensive comments and integrating a word filter into the web forum will further encourage an open line of communication and still maintain an open web forum.

The best type of business that fits Broadway café is the advertising e-business that will be executed through a number of strategies including the use social blogs (Canzer 97). A website is one of the way that the café will receive feedback on their services, which facilitate the improvement of services towards customer satisfaction through an effective customer service. Once customers are satisfied, the café will increase sales as they keep on coming back for more increasing the café’s revenue.

The social platforms form one of the major marketing strategies that the café can use to showcase its products and services and conduct promotions. Posting and sharing of pictures will help in the improving the café’s brand providing a direct access forum for the customers to review the services prior to their visit, which further attract more customers. hence, increasing Broadway café revenue.

Broadway café can further introduce a cashless payment to deal with the café’s finance where the customer is able to pay using an online payment method, which most people find appropriate compared to walking around with cash. Additionally, the café can

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