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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on WEEK 4 DISCUSSION PART 1. It needs to be at least 500 words.

In order to quantify the magnitude of Medicaid fraud in the US, the study will be conducted across a wide range of participants. The study will target people who have participated in Medicaid fraud or who have been affected by the scheme. Throughout the study, anonymity of the participants will be maintained unless instructed otherwise. In addition, the study will also target professional in the medical and legislative sectors who have facilitated the scheme either directly or indirectly. The study will be conducted through both open ended and closed ended questionnaires. Research assistant will conduct manual interviews and filling of questionnaires, however, electronic (online) questionnaires will be available. In either of the data collection methods, anonymity of the participants will be maintained unless they recommend otherwise. The research site will be identified through a random process that will be highly inclusive and conclusive. The selection will target both upper and middle class Americans. In addition, the study will have a professional phase whereby the participants will be drawn from both the medical and legal professionals. The study will have a quantitative segment that will capture the magnitude of the phenomenon. On the other hand, the qualitative segment of the study will focus on the reasons or factors that contribute to Medicaid fraud among Americans.

In the quantitative segment of the study, the researcher will be interested in identifying the magnitude of losses incurred in the health sector due to the scheme. Financial loses will be identified as the dependent variable while time will be identified as an independent variable. The quantitative segment will also be concerned with the variation of fraud across different social classes. Thus, different income classes will be identified as independent variables while financial losses will

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